Brian Dawson is Ally's cousin , he's 3 years younger then Ally , in the episode Pet & Drama on Austin & Ally , he tried to get Dez Away from Austin , but he's no longer evil , he is good friend with Trish , Austin , Dez & Rudy.



Name : Brian

Middle Name : Alexander

Last Name : Dawson

Age : 17 (Season 1)

Gender : Male

Family : Lester Dawson (Uncle)

  • Penny Dawson (Aunt)
  • Ally Dawson (Cousin
  • Unknown Parents & Siblings*

Friend(s) : Austin Moon(BFF)

  • Dez (Ex-Victim , BFF)
  • Rudy Coleman (BFF)
  • Trish De La Rosa (Best Friend)

Romances : *No One Yet*

Hair color: Brown

Eye color : Brown

Portrayed By : Noah Munck

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